Grooming Services​​​​​​

​​Express Service 
(2 to 2.5 hour turn around)

*Full Groom
Prices vary according to breed, size, coat condition and temperament of dog. 
Our Full Groom package includes
​ Conditioner
Nail Trim
Nail Dremel
Ear Cleaning
Hand Dry Service
Complete brush-out & Comb-thru
Anal Gland Service
Full-body Hair cut​
Additional Services 

Skin & Coat Treatments 
(For trouble skin to relieve dermal
inflammation, itchy, flaky skin, minor irritations)

Depending on the skin, coat condition of the breed 

We recommend to keep your pets on a regular grooming schedule to help improve a healthy coat to stay clean and healthy. 
All dogs visiting for either Grooming or Boarding are required to be active with some type of Flea & Tick preventative. 
If dogs are found to carry fleas/ticks, 
Tamed & Tailored 
may take measures to treat the dog at the owners expense . 


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  • Avoid Skin Irritations
  • Keeping Coat Nice and Clean
  • Nails Shortened and Smooth to prevent Scratching 
  • Keeping Ears Nice and Clean
  • Pads Clean from dirt and debris. 
  • Reduces Shedding by 80% 
  • + It makes your pet feel better and much Happier to be clean and feeling fresh

Different Coat Types Information




Soft curly or wavey coats. typically non shedding coats coat can form matts if not maintained on a regular grooming schedule. Must be groomed and frequent bathing and brushing is requrired for this coat type. 

​​Coat Short, Close to body and harsh. More dense than smooth coated. Tendency to produce natural body oil that creates "Dog Odor" in dogs. any climate changes to the weather can normally be tolerated. 

Long coats tend to lay over the whole body, considered the "Drop- Coat" Consider non Shedding Coat has a tendency to form Matts and tangles. Skin can also become inflammed if left unattended of not being groomed on a regular bases. 



Coat Short close to the body hair over skin. 
Generally clean with very few odors. Not well suited for extended exposure to weather without coats or jackets. Skin soft, Fine Coat Sheds 

Wiry gard haird over enttire body with a soft sense undercoat. wide range of temperatures can be tolerated, and minimal shedding when kept up. 

Help Make Your Dog Feel Great!
We know that your pet will enjoy their visit here at Tamed & Tailored each client receives special attention and detail to each individual breed. 
Our Bathing Process is absolutely great for pets who have soar muscels. Removes undercoat and lifts dirt and debris as well as fleas and ticks for those who are suffering from them as well . It helps restore the skin to its natural layer and helps remove dry flaky skin cells, so that new skin cells can be restored. 
Take a look inside to see how we get your dogs clean! 


  1. Bathing Services
    Infused Bath Shampoo & Conditioner 15 minute brushing Nail Trim Ear Cleaning
  2. Grooming & Brushing
    All Dog Bathing Services + 15 min or more of brushing dematting & hair-cut
  3. Walk-in Services
    Nail Trim Nail Grind Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal Face-Trim Feet-Trim Pads Shaved
  4. Express Service
    For those who need a Express Service our (2 to 2.5 hour turn-around) service your dog will be ready in the time frame giving at time of drop-off